Eliza Swords

Born in New York City to a jazz loving father and a folk singing mother, Eliza Swords was destined for the world of creativity. Spending her first 18 years in the playgrounds of Broadway and the Metropolitan Museum of Art her inspiration started young. After moving to LA for college to pursue her dreams of the film world Eliza met Spirituality. Of course she met it in the form of the Dalai Lama in Central Park but she took that spark back to LA where she has been combining art and spirit for the last 20 years.

Currently she is writing a novel based on her father’s work in the civil rights movement entitled “The Bellflower” which takes place in Mississippi. Additionally she is currently directing Barry Clark’s inspirational play “Doorways” focused a personal journey through the tricky terrain of being a young gay man coming of age in NYC circa 1988. She has also directed Bristol Baughn’s one woman show “Judge-a-holic” currently showing in several west coast cities. Eliza and her creative Partner Barry Clark are creating uplifting content on social media via “Best Day Ever with Barry and Eliza”, a Facebook and You-Tube phenomenon reaching thousands of people around the world. She and Barry are also inspiring love and joy through producing and delivering heartfelt and entertaining content with their production company Pure Honey Ink. Currently projects are in development for social media, film, television and publishing.

Pure Homey Ink

Barry Clark

Pure Homey Ink

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