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Pure Homey Ink

“Best Day Ever with Barry and Eliza” | MULTIMEDIA

Using positive energy and loving, Barry and Eliza share a daily dose inspiration to uplift viewers and assist them in creating more positive lives on the daily. Through music, images, and words, Best Day Ever makes a positive difference in the world by sharing content infused with fun, heart, and lots of inspiration.

Pure Homey Ink

“The Bellflower” | NOVEL

After the death of the evil Sherif Snug Abrams in 2007, a group of people tied together with secrets and lies find themselves in Grenada, Mississippi remembering their experiences during the Freedom Summer of 1967. Will they find closure, resolution, answers and ultimately forgiveness in this journey or will their lives come tumbling horribly down around them?

Pure Homey Ink

“Surviving Love” | SCREENPLAY

A middle aged gay man’s first trip to the alter trigger a life review of survival, hope, and the search for love during the ravages of the late 80’s AIDS crisis in New York City.


Pure Homey Ink

“Hotel Los Angeles” | TELEVISION

In an unassuming Hotel located in the heart of sunny plastic Los Angeles, the Great Archangels and a few Archangels in training, under instruction from the great universal love source known as GOD, open a hotel in order to help humans heal. What they don’t realize is the humans are healing them as much as they are healing the humans.

Pure Homey Ink

“Fine Lines” | PLAY

At the grand opening of the Broad museum a group of 30 year olds revisit their past and all of their issues amongst the art letting themselves be inspired to take risks with their hearts and see life from a different angle.

Pure Homey Ink

“Traveling Light – One Armchair Mystics Guide to the Universe: Or at least the one between my two ears” | MEMOIR

A lighthearted, humorous and insightful exploration of the themes of life connecting us all, including Love, Creativity, Potentiality, and Spirituality, told through the lens of hard earned life experience.